Native American Indian Commission

Nominations and Elections Committee Agenda

June 2, 2011

The Nominations Election Committee
Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission.

Meeting Monday, June 6, 2011, at 11 AM
United American Indian Involvement
1125 West 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017


  1. Overview of history, duties, and past actions by the Nomination and Election Committee (Chair).
  2. Does the Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) require that only Federal and State recognized Indians serve on the Los Angeles Native American Indian Commission Self-Governance Board? See Commission Ordinance and CSBG Laws and Regulations.
  3. Do the Los Angeles Native American Commission nomination and voting rules have any effect on CSBG benefits criteria and administration?
  4. Certificates of Degree of Blood (CDIB), blood quantum, and the 15th Amendment of the US Constitution. In a Los Angeles Native American Indian Commission election, are CDIB or Indian blood quanta eligibility criteria legal within the US Constitution? See 15th Amendment and Cayetano case.
  5. Has the state of California officially recognized any Indian tribes? See the Tongva and Jauneno California Joint-Assembly Resolutions and associated materials.
  6. Discussion of list of possible voting locations.
  7. Revision, correction, and updating of the rules, schedule, and Candidates Package for conducting the 2011 Los Angeles City/County Native American Indian Commission Election for five community Commissioner vacancies.
  8. Preparations for submitting a draft Candidates Package, election rules, and schedule to the Commission for approval on June



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