Native American Indian Commission

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Commission has the authority to take any action when necessary in behalf of the Commission between regular meetings of the Commission. It has the general supervision of the affairs of the Commission and may prepare any recommendations for its review and action. In addition the Executive Committee provides direction to the Executive Assistant in the conduct of the affairs of the Commission when required.

  • Rudy Ortega, Jr.


    Rudy Ortega, Jr., tribal citizen and Tribal President of the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians. and lifelong resident of the San Fernando Valley.

  • Chrissie Castro

    Chrissie Castro

    Vice Chairwoman

    Chrissie, (Diné and Chicana), is an advocate working towards the increased social and political empowerment of the Los Angeles American Indian/Alaska Native community. Ms. Castro is a Senior Consultant with the Center for the Study of Social Policy, providing consultation to a number of community and systems change initiatives in Los Angeles.

  • Shawn Imitates Dog


  • Tracy M. Perez


    Tracy is Navajo and a strong community advocate and advisor to many Los Angeles Native American organizations. Tracy is the Chair of Self Governance Board of the Native American Commission.

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